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Bronze Service

Bronze may be our entry level service but it is extremely comprehensive.

For a fixed fee, we will guide and advise you on all the aspects of your journey from the moment you sign us up to the moment your group returns safely.

We'll help you...
  • choose the destination
  • the most efficient means of transport to get there, both
    in time and in cost
  • help with the choice of hotels, local tours, guides, group activities
  • all importantly we'll help with suggestions for to your event.
  • We'll also assist you through the maze that is health and safety and disaster management.
If you decide to go and recce the location, you will be provided with a set of notes of what to check, as well as a few useful insider tips.

A few weeks before your group departs, we'll spend as much time as is necessary going over all the logistics and operational issues on a minute by minute basis to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

We want you to set off safe in the knowledge that everything
possible has been considered, thought through, and actioned.

We'll be with you all the way.

What are you going 4?

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