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Touring overseas with a group is a hugely rewarding experience, or it should be. But we have all read about rogue volcanos, SARS, bird flu, strikes and so on. You can't plan for these things but you can appoint a partner who will help you from inception to post mortem.

At Going4travel, we concentrate incredibly hard on making sure that everything goes to plan. The groups' administrators have a tough enough job on their hands to make sure that it performs at least up to expectations and hopefully better.

Throughout the planning stages, whichever of our products you select, we ensure that communication is clear and concise and everything is understood. We assist in producing a working document together, which outlines in minute detail, every minute of every day. Before you leave, we'll consider that document together and while you're away, we're with you all the way. If the travel logistics and operations are perfect, so will the performance of your group.

The work is done with pride, efficiency, accuracy and carefully budgeted. We want you to feel we've gone the extra mile.

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